Chefs Recommendations

Chef's Recommendations

Chicken or Lamb Achari £7.95

Cooked with pickles and spices

Murghi Massala £7.95

Half chicken cooked with mince meat, boiled egg, spices and herbs

Dhall Gosht £7.95

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a moderate spicy sauce, garnished with tender whole golden lentils.

Chicken or Lamb Kashmiri £7.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with bananas & lychees with a touch of cream and herbs. Mild dish (A4)

Chicken or Lamb or Paneer Makhani £7.95

Diced chicken, lamb or paneer cooked wiht spices in a butter sauce with almonds, raisins and cashew nuts (A2. A4, A8)

Chicken or Lamb Methi £7.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with hot or medium spices and fenugreek leaves

Chicken or Lamb Aloo £7.95

Mushrooms cooked with garlic in medium spices served with puri (A3)

Chicken or Lamb Zaffrani £7.95

Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked in diced onion with lemon and lime

NAGA Special £7.95

Prepared with various fresh chillis

Malaki Murgh £7.95

A dish for sweet food lovers. This unique dish from East Bengal is made from a base of sweet mango and rice in cream (A4)

Methi Kalyani £7.95

A Goan dish cooked in a mint yoghurt base blended with fenugreek and fresh orange (A4)

Narangi £7.95

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in medium spices with fresh orange.

Garlic Chicken or Lamb £7.95

Cooked with garlic and spices

Chicken or Lamb Bhindi £7.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with herbs, spices and okra (ladies fingers)

Chingra Delight £10.95

King prawns cooked in special herbs and spices (chef's favourite) (A4, A13)

Chicken Chilli Masala £7.95

Diced chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes and green chillis and oriental herbs(A4)

Chicken or Lamb Cham Cham £7.95

Pepsicum, onions and minced lamb. Medium spiced dish

Badami Madoo £7.95

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in honey and a special cream based sauce and various nuts (A2, A4)

Moglai Peshwari £7.95

A mild dish cooked with diced onions, peppers to give a sweet mild taste (A4)

Katmandu £7.95

A dish from Nepal, chicken or lamb cooked in a creamy based blended with cardomon and aniseed.

Kufta £7.95

A delicately prepared dish with meatballs, medium spices and herbs.

Duck Tikka Masala £9.95

Tender pieces of duck cooked in chef's own special recipe with onions, peppers, herbs and spices. (A4, A9)

Shazani Chicken £9.95

Cooked to chef's special recipe with medium spices and herbs(A4,A9)

King Prawn Maharani £15.95

King prawns cooked to chef's spcial recipe with peppers, herbs and spices.


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