Maharaja Kulfi £3.50

A delicious combination of orignal kulfi and pistachio kulfi with almond and pistachio nuts

Toffee Twilight £3.50

A Combination of dairy toffee and vanilla ice creams swirled with toffee sauce and topped with toffee pieces

Midnight Mint £3.50

A combination of dairy chocolate and mint ice cream ripples with chocolate sauce and topped with mint chocolate pieces

Vanilla Ice Crumble £3.50

Luxury vanilla ice cream and shortbread biscuit swirled with raspberry sauce.

Funky Pie £3.50

A biscuit crumb cup filled with vanilla ice cream topped with toffee sauce and hazlenuts

Coppa Fantastic £3.50

Vanilla and caramel ice cream with toffee pieces, chocolate balls and caramel sauce





Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.50

A traditionally made sticky toffee pudding packed with softened dates and coated with lashings of butterscotch sauce

Ferrero Rocher Gold £3.50

Ferreor Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with Ferrero Rocher

American Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.50

Dark chocolate sponge layered with cake with mouth watering fudge served with ice cream

Bailey's Cheesecake £3.50

A wonderful combination of whipped cream, cream cheese and Irish Whiskey with coffee

Bombed by Chocolate £3.50

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce covered in real Belgian chocolate.

Coconut Dream £3.50

A half shell filled with rich creamy ice cream filled with lashings of coconut shavings

Chocolate Bambino £3.50

Double chocolate ice cream served on a biscuit base. Decorated with a chocoalte truffle and chocolate syrup.


Cadbury Flake £3.50

Dairy ice cream layered with chocolate sauce and Cadbury's flake

Barry Blue £2.95

Creamy vanilla icecream served in a plastic elephant

Crazy Zoo £2.95

Delicious vanilla ice cream with a chocolate egg that includes a nice surprise

Miss Daisy £2.95

Vanilla ice cream served in a plastic cow


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