House Specialities

Passanda Dishes

Pieces of chicken or meat cooked in an almond sauce and red wine Garnished with cream and almond flakes


Tandoori Chicken Passanda (A2, A4) £7.95

Chicken Tikka Passanda (A2, A4) £7.95

Lamb Tikka Passanda (A2,A4) £7.95

Prawn Passanda (A2, A4, A13) £7.95

Tandoori King Prawn Passanda (A2, A4, A13) £10.95


Salmon Dishes £12

Salmon Bhuna

Salmon Vindaloo

Salmon Jalfrezi

Salmon with any other flavour

Mr Ali's Balti Exotic (A13) £9.95

Combination of meat, chicken, lamb & king prawn cooked in a medium spiced balti sauce.

Balti Dishes


Balti Chicken £7.10

Balti Lamb £7.50

Balti Beef £7.50

Balti Lamb Tikka (A4) £7.95

Balti Chicken Tikka (A4) £7.95

Balti Keema £7.10

Special Mix Balti (A13) £8.95

Balti Mushrooms £6.95

Balti Vegetables £6.95

Balti Tandoori Lamb Chops (A4, A9) £9.95

Balti King Prawns (A4, A13) £10.95

Balti Prawns (A13) £7.95

Balti Cod (A11) £8.95

House Specialities

Special Balti Dishes

Available with chicken, lamb, prawns, vegetables or paneer and fish (add £1 to all prices for fish option)

Balti Madras £7.95

Balti Vindaloo £7.95

Balti Rogan £7.95

Balti Bhuna £7.95

Balti Dupiaza £7.95

Balti Dhansak £7.95

Balti Korma (A2, A4) £7.95

Balti Pathia £7.95

Balti Jalfrezi £7.95

Balti Karahi £7.95

Balti Sambar £7.95

Balti Masala (A4) £7.95

Massala Dishes

Barbecued chicken or meat marinated in freshly ground aromatic herbs and spices. Cooked with ground almonds, cream and ghee. Decorated with almond flakes

Tandoori Chicken Massala (A2, A4) £7.95

Chicken Tikka Massala *(A2, A4) £7.95

Lamb Tikka Massala (A2,A4) £7.95

Prawn Massala (A2, A4, A13) £7.95

Tandoori King Prawn Massala (A2, A4, A13) £10.95

Salmon Chilli Massala (A11) £12

Karahi Dishes

These dishes are cooked with thinly chopped capsicums and tomatoes

Chicken £7.10

Beef £7.50

Lamb £7.50

Chicken Tikka (A4) £7.95

Lamb Tikka (A4) £7.95

Prawn (A13) £8.50

Keema £8.50

Special Mix (A13) £8.50

prawns, mushrooms, lamb and chicken

Mushroom £6.95

Vegetable £6.95

Paneer £7.95

King Prawn (A13) £10.95


Saag Dishes

A Tasty dish with spinach and herbs in a dry spicy sauce


Saag Gosht £7.95

Saag Chicken £7.95

Saag Prawn (A13) £8.50

Saag King Prawn (A13) £10.95

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