Vegetarian Dishes & Vegetarian Sides

Aloo Chana £2.50

Chana Bhaji £2.50

Bombay Aloo £2.50

Sag Aloo £2.50

Aloo Gobi £2.50

Aloo Methi £2.50

Bhindhi Bhaji £2.50

Sag Bhaji £2.50

Cauliflower Bhaji £2.50

Mushroom Bhaji £2.50

Brinjal Bhaji £2.50

Tarka Dhall £2.50

Spicy Hot Tarka Dhall £2.95

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji £2.50

Matter Paneer £2.95

Aloo Paneer £2.95

Side Salad £1.50

Raitha (A4) £1.50

Fried Mushrooms £2.30

Any Curry Sauce £2.95



Vegetarian House Specialities

Sultani Paneer £6.95

Indian cheese with herbs and nuts cooked in a tomato sauce (A4)

Aloo Bhangan £6.95

Traditional mix of potatoes and aubergines cooked in herbs and spices (A4)

Mato Paneer £6.95

Garden peas and Indian cheese cooked with special vegetables cooked in cholestoral free cooking oil (A4)

Kahari Sabzi £6.95

Mixed spring vegetables cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillis, coriander. Flavoured with delicate herbs and spices (A4)

Paneer Makhani £7.95

Paneer cooked with spices in a butter sauce with almonds, raisins and cashew nuts (A2. A4, A8)

Bengal Paneer £6.95

Paneer cooked with special vegetables with cholestoral free cooking oil (A4)

Saag Paneer £6.95

Indian cheese combined with spinach cooked with spices and tomatoes (A4)

Chana Dhall Tastedar £6.95

Split chickpeas cooked with fine cut green chillis.

Chana Massala £6.95

Chick peas cooked with spices in a tangy sauce

Sag Chana £6.95

spinach and chickpeas cooked with spices

Aloo Gobi Chana £6.95

Cauliflower, chickpeas and potatoes cooked in herbs and spices

Vegetarian Sides

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